Benefits of Percussion Massage Therapy

Percussion massage therapy is making waves across the fitness industry and it's easy to see why. 

Percussion massage therapy is leading the way in the treatment of soft tissue pain and discomfort by accelerating the repair and re-build of our bodies muscle fibres. The way percussion massage therapy works is by providing rapid bursts of pressure in concentrated, short-duration pulses that travel deep into a target area promoting an increase in blood flow. This increase of blood flow not only promotes pain relief and kick starts our bodies natural re-building process but also improves the bodies function, range of motion and flexibility in the targeted area. 


Not only does percussion massage therapy help reduce soft tissue pain and discomfort but it can also be utilised to:

Percussion massage therapy has historically only ever been available to world-class athletes or specialists in state of the art facilities due to the price that is usually associated with it. Recent studies have indicated that percussion therapy helps treat muscle fibers up to 30-times more effectively than regular massage and with the introduction of the GEN2 hand held percussion massage gun to the New Zealand market, you’re now able to enjoy all the amazing benefits of percussion massage therapy anywhere and any time at only a fraction of the cost. 



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